Yeah, so... I wrote this in a comment on Pope's post, but I wanted to restate it:

As someone who hates (with a passion) candid photos of myself, is very self-conscious, and for a fact has some distorted ideas about how I look, this is what I think on the subject:

"Umphie said it best, but I think they (selfies) can serve to be very empowering. Women who deal with body dismorphic issues (which, despite what some may believe, is a lot more than few), can gain a sense of control over their own appearance by taking a photograph of themselves which presents how they see themselves, and/or how they would like the world to see them. When you look in the mirror, or other people look at you, or somebody takes a candid photo of you, you lack control in how you appear. You can control how you did your makeup, your hair, what you wore, etc—but ultimately, past that stage, you will come across how you come across, and for someone who sees themselves in a very distorted way, that is a horrifying thought. So taking the "selfie" and posting it is a way of gaining back that sense of control."

Yeah, so here's my selfie, which I am submitting for #feministselfies

Jumping on the selfie Bandwagon. Just a few thoughts.