Cornealious Anderson was sentenced to 13-years in prison but because of a clerical error never served a day in jail. In the 13 years he was free, Mr. Anderson became a law abiding citizen and family man running his own business. A judge has set him free after he was imprisoned when the error was discovered.

So... I made the mistake of reading the comments and some of the comments just disgusted me and I feel the need to answer somewhere but I don't want to engage those commentors....

what if he killed a man? would you support him being released because he changed too?

Moot point because he didn't kill a man. What if you killed a man, would I even need to respond to your idiotic comment?

So it pays to wait it out? He knew a mistake had been made but never did anything about it. That's not exactly exemplary behavior, is it?

Oh god, save the bullshit. He did plenty of things like filing appeals and having his lawyer bring it up. They did nothing. What does he need to do? Drive himself to the jail, go up to the front desk and inform them that he's supposed to be in here? That's not his fucking job!

not a good decision. everyone needs to pay for their crime. what about the victim.

Maybe if you weren't an idiot you would read some more on the case instead of blabbing your big mouth. The victim has said he didn't care anymore and didn't think that Mr. Anderson should be taken to jail now.