ETA: Thanks for all the tips guys!! I have a lot to think about so I decided to sleep on it and check out a better mall tomorrow that has Aveda and more makeup stores and stuff. You are all the bestest!

I know you guys have good recommendations for this stuff!

I have an annoying hair/scalp combo situation. My hair is very fine and almost everything dries it out into a crunchy bird's nest, but really heavy conditioners make it feel greasy and heavy and icky. My scalp on the other hand gets all itchy and irritated, most likely cause I have to keep it under a stupid hat at work. I have this sulfate-free tea tree shampoo that does wonders for my scalp but turns my hair into straw. Today I just dumped a bunch of tea tree oil in my cheap moisturizing Suave shampoo but there's gotta be something better out there. I've tried everything at Lush; crunch-city. I am currently waiting around in a mall so ready to act on suggestions! Thank you, lovely people!