Update on AuntK & brood's doings.

Quick update on my eldest daughter - the investigation has taken what appears to be a positive turn, in that these dumbfucks (perps sounds too CSI, men sounds too generous) apparently told vastly different versions of the night's events to the head of Student Affairs. No Contact Orders were given all around. Whether they are found "at fault" or not should happen in the next two weeks. If they're "at fault" then daughter can request they be suspended until she graduates, or expelled outright.

Bad news, poor thing lost her job (at a wine bar) which she loved (uh, yeah, who wouldn't?). I'm kind of overwhelmed for her right now. But we soldier on.

Uncle K called Long Beach plant manager back the other day, still hasn't heard back from him, so who knows if we're potentially moving to CA or not. Up in the air, too much stress; soldier on.

Youngest 'Ye'let only got an 18 on her ACT. OUCH - this is one SMART kid, straight A's & such, but she hates taking tests. :( :( :( Next chance is in October, so yeah, soldier on.

Eldest kid is chill, thank all the dogs for that much. Talk to me in a few days when/if he has a hurricane headed his way in Charleston.

I had... A thing this morning. It's happened before and my doctor at the time (I was 30ish) thought it may be angina. Or maybe panic attacks (I am not usually given to anxiety, but yk ^ is taking some toll, for sure. Anyway, anytime your jaw starts to hurt and your chest hurts it is SCARY AS FUCK.

Which explains why I've spent all day thinking in 7 characters.