In which my house is destroyed as I sleepS

The girls each had a friend to stay the night on the weekend. At 6pm I foolishly had a nap and left the two teenagers in charge of the younger girls. Woke up three hours later to find they had:

  • Adopted a baby chicken which they were keeping in the spare room with hot water bottles and scarves. The entire room was covered in sawdust.
  • Spilled red fizzy on the carpet which was mixed colorfully with the sawdust
  • Had a water balloon fight in the kitchen. Water and balloon fragments everywhere.
  • Cut up all the onions which were strewn all over the table. The browser on the livingroom computer was open on this page
  • Put an egg on Teen Whiskeys bed and sat on it. I found her scrubbing her duvet with soap and water to get the raw egg out. When I asked why she said "long story"

I went back to bed.