Every time a street harassment incident happens to me I get so angry about the people who constantly claim that this stuff is not a big deal, never happens, or that women should not be angry about it. I really don't know how to show or tell these people anything that is meaningful or will make them understand.

This morning while I was walking from home to the metro, the garbage truck pulled up as I was coming to an intersection (totally blocking my path from crossing) and the driver proceeded to yell out the window that I was the hottest thing he'd seen in a while and how much he enjoyed watching me walk in front of him on the sidewalk.

Every time something like this happens it's like the confirmation of all the times I brace myself and try to walk quickly past a group of loitering men. THIS is why I wince and put my head down and try to pretend they aren't there so I can pass without having to hear anything. It's not stupid. It's what anybody would do after repeated experiences of harassment. And all the people who pop up, like recently with the #notallmen/#yesallwomen thing, to say that I'm silly or flattering myself or paranoid or antisocial or stuck up are just so so wrong.

Haven't other people ever felt like "I just don't want to hear it" about whatever they're weary about? This is what this is, and yes it's often enough that I'm extremely weary from hearing it.