Topic 1 - sweet children with bitchy parents; topic 2 - idiots on Facebook/in life/Duck Dynasty

1. Got my holiday nails done today. I went with OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest gel. I wanted shimmery and nothing else spoke to me.

Anyway. There was a beautiful little girl in there, five years old, with her mom. She was getting her nails done too with snowflake nail art. She was basically letting the lady do whatever she wanted, but the mom kept butting in with passive aggressive comments to the daughter but directed at the technician. Like, very loud, obvious comments that she meant the other adults in the room to hear. "Sweetie, if you don't like what she's doing you need to tell her. If you want a different color speak up." Girl has not expressed concern at all. She is happy and doing fine.

Mom was getting gel nails taken off (which involves wrapping the nails in foil with acetone on cotton underneath) and girl asks how long it takes. "I don't know sweetie, maybe 10 minutes. I really hope it's not much longer...*looking around for her technician*" Then, later the lady wasn't decided on the color she wanted. She kept saying "I need to SEE THEM to COMPARE the colors before I decide, okay?" OMG okay lady nobody is telling you you cannot do that.

But the girl was adorable and sweet, and after the technician was done she said, "Thank you. You did a WONDERFUL job!" And she was literally FREAKING out at how sparkly her nails were.

I'm ranting

Rant 2: The only thing annoying me almost as much as people who are defending that idiot from Duck Dynasty are the people who are being stupidly neutral and playing the "let's all get along" card. Like goddamn it how wishy washy can you be. At what point am I allowed to be offended? If a person disparaging pretty much every single group on Earth that isn't straight white Christian men is not something worthy of condemnation, then what the fuck can I be angry about? It's basically real life tone policing and I'm over it. As I always say, you have a right to an opinion, but some opinions are just wrong.

Also, this happened on my Facebook and I'm quickly remembering people I previously had blocked from seeing posts that Facebook deleted:

I'm ranting

Black is me, red is an asshole (who vigorously defended Paula Deen and who I'm sure is trying to bait me into being classist, but I won't), purple is asshole's friend, blue is my mom (lol mom what stahp).

I'M OUT. CANNOT. done.

Edit: damn it that facebook pic is tiny. zoom your screens.