So why are we fightbooking about SCOTUS's decision??

He's legally trained and has fallen back onto arguing from authority more than once. "Oh a layperson might have that kneejerk reaction..."

WAIT what. Weren't there several judges who had the exact same 'kneejerk' 'layperson' reaction that I am having?

He's also doing that unlovely devil's advocate "it's not misogynist because I don't think it is misogynistic"

The thrust of his argument is that it's fine because the law says all you had to do was prove that you really really believed something was wrong and you don't have to pay for it anymore. But don't worry, they already wrote into the decision that this wouldn't affect anything other than female contraception.

So, it appears my brother, along with so many others, doesn't believe that women are full human beings. What a fucking disappointment.


He's saying this and my fists have never been itchier.

"I think you are looking at the decision from the wrong angle and focusing on what the effect of the decision is, what it could mean and not what it actually said, hence thinking that women are getting a raw deal. It would be great if Hobby Lobby would pay for the contraceptive medications but they don't want to. Their decision not to pay for it, nor the Supreme Court's decision to grant the exemption, does not automatically mean that women are going to have less access to contraceptive medication. It means now the Federal government is going to pick up the tab - so if nothing changes except for who is paying for it, how is that an attack on women?"

(My emphasis)