This was spurred by my cousin retweeting a bunch of stuff about how getting engaged at Christmas is so stupid and unoriginal.

It's not a uncommon view, and I've seen it expressed all over the place: on Jez, Facebook, and in general eye rolls from people.

I did not get engaged this holiday, so I don't really have a dog in this fight, I just keep thinking that if I did and I saw all these posts, I'd feel like shit knowing that someone passive aggressively is annoyed at me.

Frankly, we talked about getting engaged before the holidays because we'd be around our families and could conveniently announce it to them and celebrate with them, and get all the ooh-ing and aah-ing out of the way at once. I think that's perfectly logical, and it doesn't change that we've been together for 7 years, intend to get married, and aren't doing it for the gimmick of it all.

Basically, this is just one area where I feel like the "if you have nothing nice to say..." rule applies. Be happy for people, or don't, and just ignore it.

I realize this could sound like "waah, I'm doing something society says I should do and now society is being snarky to me!" but I swear that this is not how I feel. It's just more in favor of being nice to other people and not being a turd on social media.