My poor baby is home

I took another picture of my husband holding him displaying his buzz-cut belly (OMG IT'S LIKE VELVET) but couldn't crop him out of it and he doesn't want to be on the interwebs. It's probably best I limit the shame I bring on my poor kitty (limit to facebook, that is.)

He's feeling a little queasy and sleepy but otherwise he seems fine. I wish they had been able to get the stone out, but at least he's home, and the $1200 we got back certainly doesn't hurt. We start slowly phasing in the prescription food tomorrow, and the vet's going to look into his blood results more to see if it might be indicative of anything, and we'll just see how it goes.

Now I've GOT to focus on finishing this project, tomorrow's going to be a looooong day, starting with an interview at 9 am and then working until 10:30 pm. And I have a killer headache, of course. Life, please quit sucking one of these days?