I am all out frustrated with her and I feel like I shouldn't be even thought I know I should be. Anyways here goes.

My mom was supposed to come over yesterday to hang out and bring food. Originally she was going to do this because my sister was coming over. Well my sister cancelled so my mom cancelled yesterday and said maybe today.

Well we go to lunch I bring a coupon you know to save money. That is all well and good, I only ended up paying for claytons food there.

But then she is like "let's go go the 99cent store" I am like sure. Usually she will buy me a few things so I try not to grab a bunch of stuff or anything. I usually stick to 5 or 6 things. She knows I am grabbing these things and I ask each time "can I get this?". So you know I was totally assuming she would be paying for my few items..

Well we get to check out and she says "so you're paying for your stuff right" and I was like uuuuuuhhhhhh, "I guess so, but I'd rather not". Then she is like oh good and puts the divider, then makes a joke about a recession and blah blah blah. Mind you after grabbing 15 tins of cookies to say these will make great cheap christmas gifts for work... Then in the car talking about going grocery shopping and buying things and the great deal she got on this or that.

I was just shocked you know? I felt like I was sidelined at check out and so I just paid for it. Because he we will use it, but had I of known I wouldn't have asked if I could have things and I damn well wouldn't have grabbed anything.

We are broke, she knows this. She has taken us to the food bank, we have borrowed money, she knows we have no car and that our rent was raised not to long ago.

I feel like because I assumed, I shouldn't be mad about it. Like she knows we never really go grocery shopping. (The last 2 trips in the last month or so we got to do was because of GT) So I am really upset by this and I know I shouldn't be. Like I already know I can't depend on her, but why wait till the check out line to tell someone that if they were asking you about every item they put in the cart. -_-

I honestly just want to punch a wall. If my sister was here she wouldn't have done that and she would of paid for everyones lunch. I really just don't understand my mom sometimes, but now I just am dreading christmas. I hate being around my family during holidays, I try hard to fit in and I really just don't with them. They make me feel so other.

Have you parents ever done this and is it just wrong to assume they were going to spend 7 bucks on you? I just feel really depressed and teary and worthless right because of this and I know it's stupid. I also feel bad because I spend our money when we were trying to save the bit we had left :/. My mother is interesting

Ps. I didn't do my usual back read through, so if there is typos or weird sentences sorry.

ETA: Thank you whosits for the e card, it was cute and gave me a big smile. :D