Have you guys seen this? What do you think?


I'm conflicted. On one hand, of course there are two sides to the story and we have no idea who is telling the truth (she left, they kicked her out, etc). If she left on her own, that sort of changes things. On the other hand, it seems like what her parents are doing is kind of a massive dick move. Just not paying her last semester of high school tuition so she can't graduate?

Obviously that doesn't mean they are legally obligated to give her anything, and I'm not sure they should be, but that doesn't mean they aren't being terrible parents by not trying to help her. Even if she had the problems they claim and left on her own, it seems that something is deeply wrong and the answer might not be just entirely cutting her off (although it also might not be continuing to give her money, either). At the very least the whole not paying for her high school is rubbing me the wrong way.

What do you think?

ETA: let me also clarify that I don't think court is the place to hash this out no matter what the details are.