I have a 2005 chevy impala that my dad gave me some years ago, as a bribe to move out of my parents house, i even lived in the car for a few months! I love this car, it's freedom, it's my lifeline. Without it, i would not have a job. But recently the suspension feels like it's about to fall out next time i hit a pothole (thanks Cleveland) I think my car is dying.

I do a job that i love, full time for 25 cents over minimum wage, taking care of people's lives. But i have tons of piles of bills and we're still in the "poverty level income" range. Suh Dude is in at least $5,000 of debt due to student loans and a maxed credit card.

I want a new car, i need a new car. I don't want a used car that will break down in a year. I want a brand new car with a warranty. Is this dream fucking hopeless?

Does anyone have tips or tricks to finding a good car with less than $200 a month payments? I think I could make the payments by working overtime but $200 is the absolute very most i could afford. If it meant missing a few meals a week, it would still be worth it. I need a reliable car so bad, i could lose my job without one. If i lose my job, i lose everything. I wish that getting a car wasn't so incredibly hard. Sorry for rambling