Don't like her.
Rolls her eyes, snaps her gum, talks over the class.
Wears four gold chains, has black eyeshadow up to her eyebrows.
Shuffles her feet loudly.
Smirks at me in a way she smirks at everyone.

Don't like him.
Another with too much volume, nothing worth listening too.
Slams the door closed, doesn't push in his chair.
Took my pencil, gave it back chewed.
So much gel in his hair the crust looks like rock candy.

Saw them holding hands, walked by as I was smoking.
Smiling, happy, fingers laced between them.

Gave them forgiveness that they didn't ask for, didn't need.
Then took it back.
It isn't my place to forgive for the petty offenses I took.

For all that I found displeasing,
They have love for each other.