How do you feel about men in feminist spaces?

I have decidedly mixed feelings about men in feminist spaces in part because they tend to dominate the conversation and everything gets steered to their needs. I think we're conditioned as a population to value them more than women value each other. They tend to argue things like the need to make decisions about whether they can be called feminists—frankly I don't care, but feminism isn't primarily about dudes. The fact that we've had to have a conversation about whether they call themselves feminists repeatedly is annoying. Social movements aren't about allies.

Or we have to talk about their sexuality. Their body image issues. Their stuff. Them. Them. Them. It's like we've grown up in a society where their needs predominate and there can be no space where they aren't the most important people there. They get to be the authority in every conversation. Their feelings are always considered above all others. Blah blah blah, fucking blah.

And I know when we've had these convos, then there are pictures threads where everyone can coo about how cool the guys are.

Thoughts, ladies?