LADIES. Have You Ever Used Garlic For Ladyproblems?

I've been reading about using a clove of garlic internally as a cure for yeast infections and am wondering if its really effective? Its one thing to read a post about it on someones blog, its better to hear if it actually works from real, live women (or uncomfortable female SpamBots.)

The last thing I want to find out is that its all an elaborate joke and I totally fell for it.

I know, I know, I posted earlier about a new pharmaceutical I was prescribed so you'd think that I wouldn't think twice about using an OTC remedy (Monistat eggs/cream) or a Diflucan pill the next time I am in need of this sort of treatment... But I read that if you use use the eggs/creams/pills too much, or for the wrong ailment if you've misdiagnosed what's going on down there- you can become resistant to the treatments and then you're really euchred.

So I was thinking I would try a more natch approach the next time, if its actually a viable method for clearing up candida. I'm engaged to a man who was born with no sense of smell whatsoever, so that alleviates one major concern :)

Any feedback good, bad or smelly would be appreciated.