A woman I blocked on Facebook (because: obvious) posted a seriously long rant about people who use food stamps to buy pizza and fast food while spending money on getting their nails done and owning "$500 phones" (don't know how that's possible. The most expensive phone out there on a contract costs $200 but okay). My mom tipped me off to the post so I went and looked.

Now, said woman is the S.O. of a family friend's stepson and they have two kids. The woman's mother in law (our family friend) works at a neighboring state's equivalent of Dept. of Family Services. This woman was receiving some kind of assistance (not clear to me what) in her state, then tried to go to the other state which she has not lived in in something like 2 years, to collect even more assistance, aka massively cheating the system. Her MIL caught her (because DUH. She works there.) and told her to never come back. Her MIL is also somewhat convinced that this is one reason why she won't marry her kids' father, because she looks like a single mother with no job in the eyes of the state (I can't comment as to the validity of this).

Oh there were also some bozos on the post claiming you can pay for cigarettes and manicures with EBT. Luckily someone stepped in and said, hey EBT cards actually have two accounts, one that's for food and one that's for cash deposit, aka welfare, so no you cannot use food money to buy cigarettes or anything other than food.

I swear I live in a state of constant class rage I can't even deal with it sometimes.

Gotta love hypocrites re: welfare