Ivy's Favourite Everlark Fanfiction: Part II - Historical AUs

I'm going to do these by theme now, so they're a bit more organized. Today's theme is Historical Alternate Universes (or AUs for short). There are a lot of these type of fics around spanning from time periods from Roman Britain to the 60s. I'm not a historian, so I can't vouch for the accuracy of these stories but they're good reads. Here are a few of my favourites. As always, all fics rec'd are complete unless otherwise noted. Please pay attention to the fic age ratings as well as content warnings.

What's So Civil About War Anyway? by icbiwf

Summary: Panem, Pennsylvania, 1862: When all of her trading partners in town leave to join the Union army, Katniss Everdeen supports her family the only way she can: by enlisting to serve herself. Hoping desperately to avoid anyone from home who might recognize and expose her, what happens when she's assigned to the same company as the boy with the bread?

There are several good Civil War fics out there, but I chose this one because it's a very canon-Katniss thing to do: disguise herself as a boy and enlist so she can send money home.

Social Standing by sponsorsmusings

Summary: In a time when your social standing can dictate who you should love, a housemaid and the son of a Duke can't help but be drawn to each other. An Everlark AU, set in 1880's England

It's like Downton Abbey, only Everlark style (and 30 years earlier)!

Daughter of Samland, Son of Denmark by Manniness

Summary: We've prepared as best we could, but as I turn the corner on the muddy path through the village hugging the walls of my father's fortress, I know we aren't ready. We would never be ready.

The Northmen have come.

This is a fun one! Vikings! Raiding parties! Hostages! Not speaking each other's language! And of course, warrior!Katniss. Because warrior!Katniss is always the best. The author has stated she might pull this one, so download it if you are interested.

Wagons West by MTK4FUN

Summary: AU 1850 Travel with the Everdeens, Hawthornes, and Mellarks on the Oregon Trail.

"Maybe you should consider getting married, Catnip. You could help your family."
I can hardly breathe. I feel as trapped as a wild creature caught in a snare.

I've read a few travel west-type fics, but this one is my favourite. There's a lot of adventure laced with tragedy, criminal behaviour and romance. Also, Finnick is the guide which is fabulous. Finnick should be in all the things. My second favourite ship is Katniss/Peeta/Finnick for a reason.

Stories of Us by Ameiko (incomplete)

Summary: Katniss never imagined that The Great War would change her life in the secluded PA woods, but it did. She also never imagine that crippled soldier Peter "Peeta" Mellark could heal her heart.

Katniss takes a job as Peeta's caregiver after the war. There is a scene with period bathing costumes, which is totally rad (because BATHING COSTUMES).