Since I started crowdfunding my wedding and stuff. I expected to get some burners and trolls. And my last post got the first 2. It's disheartening and as much as I know they are jerks and really don't get it, it still is distressing. I wrote back to one of them because they actually weren't being a total goblin. But the other I am going to copy paste here. I emailed a mod already and hope they get banned. Here is what the wrote.

Hey, congrats on your wedding! Well, assuming you don't die of a massive coronary failure or have your feet amputated by your nigh onset of diabetes. Anyway, let's start with one issue at a time. Weight first, since that obviously our most pressing issue. You got hurt at work, I'm sorry that happened. But that happens a lot. The difference between you and other people however is that they go to the hospital and get workman's comp or some kind of lawsuit immediately rather than sitting on their lazy asses. They walk down to the local attorney at law and get shit done. You don't look like you've walked anywhere in years. Does your boyfriend roll you to the refrigerator yet or are you rascalling around everywhere? Secondly, you have been asking for shit for far too long! This isn't a free clinic! You can't just ask for whatever you want and expect it like you have so far you self-righteous mongoloid! The rest of us work for a living like normal people. And don't give me some bullshit excuse about you not being able to work! You obviously just choose not to. Get off your lazy cunt and make some money. Your boyfriend can't support your binge eating habit much longer! It's time you woman up and do your part. It's not up to him and the people on here who feel sorry for you to further enable you to the point you end up on 1000 pound lady. That would probably just make you even happier because then the world would see your punk ass on TLC. That's not how it works. Eat until you're famous? Is that your plan? I've sat by and had to deal with listening to you whine about how hard your life is for far too long. You know what everyone else does when times get hard??? Change the circumstances or kill themselves!!! Now I would suggest you do one of those, it's up to you to choose which one that will be! You're leaching off these people like the parasite you are and just like a parasite, you're rapidly growing larger and more dependent on your hosts. I have nothing against the obese, or the morbidly obese even. What I do have a problem with though is those that get to that point, and then blame it on other things and do nothing to fix their issues. Like you! Fix yourself woman, you're only a charity case cuz you're lazy and feel entitled! Thirdly, you ask for the most elaborate stuff! $40 underwear?!? If you can't afford to buy your own, you don't get to pick the most expensive stuff! You can have Hanes or Fruit of the Loom! Who are you to ask for things above your means when you can't even buy your own fucking tampons?!? And money for a wedding? We are not the parents of the bride! Ask your own damn parents or settle for paying for a god damn marriage certificate! This isn't up to you! You ask for what you need, not what you want you stupid troglodyte! And your car?!? Turn it in and stop asking for shit! $1500 is more than enough to get you back on your feet! Well maybe most people, you need a Peterbilt. Or a crane. Maybe if you spent more time trying to better yourself and less time trolling on here for people to scam , you could be a productive part of modern day society. You're worse than Madoff!!!

Now, I'm probably gonna get a lot of hate mail, and I don't really give a rat's ass. You can ignore the truth and say I'm a horrible human being. But lemme just give you a heads up. I'm gay, in the military and from the south. I made my life work and manned up. Maybe you should try it!!!

If you want to dismiss my comment, go for it. It doesn't change the fact that I'm right. You can hide the truth, but you can't change it. And if you didn't want to hear it, maybe you shouldn't have made your personal life so public!

Just yuck. They clearly pick and choose what they have read of mine, because they are piecing together a lot of wrong things.

For one I don't actually binges a lot, sure there is emotional shitty days and I will. That happened like maybe once a month, maybe twice but in general my depression sends me into a I can't do anything state and don't actually eat for a long time. I am about 2 meals a day.

But all that shit about my weight and workers comp stuff. Well of course I am in the middle of the lawsuit but hey lets act like that isn't a thing I've totally talked about being screwed over in. I am not going to pick at anymore of that they said. But they are jerks. And I just want a bit of reassurance I guess(cute gifs perhaps?).

I remember my first troll made me cry a lot, but no tears were shed for this guy. It just made me doubt myself and want to shut the whole thing down. But I also don't think I should. Ugh burners man, they can be such butts.

ETA: Thank you everyone, you made me feel a ton better. That comment made me doubt myself and I am so glad people disagree. Thank you to everyone all these gif's and kind words are making me smile.