and I know correlation doesn't always mean causation, but this just seems to make too much sense. Slate has an article about how 50 years ago, evangelicals didn't really care about abortion. They didn't think it was ideal, but agreed that circumstances often necessitated it. Then, over the course of the 70s, opinion changed. Suddenly, fertilized eggs had souls, and there was no justified reason whatsoever to end a pregnancy.

Slate's article goes over the history, but doesn't really address causes. So what else happened during that time? How about the biggest changes in the Women's Liberation movement? Women started working outside the home, delaying marriage, and basically taking charge of their lives.

I'm thinking that, consciously or not, these guys started getting scared. Finding some way to control women again became a priority. Pregnancy, which curtailed a woman's independence and increased the chances that she'd seek a more traditional lifestyle, was therefore deemed to be sacred.

The "Pro-Life" movement- one big mess of hypocrisy.