Hello, beloved GTers! It's my birthday! Haven't been around much due to health and family issues, a long trip down the Tumblr rabbit hole, and then ongoing computer problems, but I've been popping by here and there when I can to read the GT/Jez goings on. But I miss y'all! (Did Paula Deen ruin "y'all"?) Anyways, it's a bit of blue birthday, so I thought I'd stop by for some birthday fun. If you like, send me your greetings and GIFs!

Also, Happy Belated Mayday! Here's the Beltane scenes from The Mists of Avalon TV movie (starring Julianna Margulies and Angelica Houston), which you can watch all of on YouTube. The video is set to "Mondranicht" by rad progressive punk/metal band Iowaska.

Actually, I'll put the movie here, too, for anyone who would like to watch it. It's a good rainy/cozy day flick!

Part One

Part Two

I'd pair it with Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves for a double-feature. Why, helloooo, Sheriff of Nottingham Alan Rickman . . .

It's My Birthdayyyyy!

But I'll take ANY version of Mr. Rickman for my birthday, should anyone be able to grant that wish. ;-)