One of the unpleasant things about Miley's VMA performance was how she was centered against a backdrop of exclusively black back-up dancers. Those dancers seem to have been chosen on the basis of their thicker bodies, and one of the them, the extremely tall woman, was subjected to fondling and a simulated rim job. Back-up dancers are typically nameless and fungible, but that anonymity was striking and problematic this time given the context of the whole vile, racist shitshow of a performance.

I started wondering in particular about who that astonishingly tall dancer was, and Google reveals that she's a 6'7" burlesque dancer known as Amazon Ashley. Here's her Twitter. Her height, her heels, juxtaposed against Miley's 5'5" frame in sneakers accounts for the surprising image from the show.

When we write more about this debacle in the future, we should call her by her name.

Here's a picture of her, not on stage with Miley Cyrus. (I had a pic of her with Kim K before, but as it looked doctored to people, I replaced it with this one. This post is about the fact that this woman has a name, not whether or not someone chose to photoshop an image of her.)

Who was the super tall woman from the Miley performance?