Depending on where you live, it could be legal or it could be illegal. I'm not talking about marijuana.

The weird and wonderful world of this legal(?) drug.

Three weeks ago I was at a friend's birthday party when another friend mentioned a drug they had tried and enjoyed. Kratom, i had heard of it before but i didn't personally know anyone that tried it. I had read a lot about Kratom on a Fibromyalgia board i frequent so i knew a few things, i knew that it was a plant. I never purchased it online because i assumed it was a scam.

Two weeks ago i spent three days researching Kratom all across the internet. I couldn't find many downsides to this drug, besides some cases of nausea. The drug was said to be a huge pain relief, which is something I've been searching for since i was 14. The only drug that ever completely took away my pain was Vicodin, and my doctor doesn't want me on it daily. The past two years I've had ups and downs with Lyrica and Tramadol, as much as they do help, i still feel pain. So I went to the website my friend had used and i purchased 2 ounces of Kratom for under 30$ including shipping.

I was so excited, i had USPS sending me texts alerts so i would know exactly when the package arrived.

When it arrived, shipped from North Carolina, i tore into the package. Two pill-bottles full of a finely ground plant, almost totaling 3 ounces. The man that runs the company has suppliers over seas and he buys in bulk, he gave me extra supply and a nicely written thank you note.

A drug dealer with a thank you note? It was something else.

I made tea with the "Ultra Malaysian" Kratom. Two teaspoons, my friend said. I sipped it over the course of four hours. I did feel some nausea for a half hour, but then it passed. I felt nothing and it felt good. The usual screaming of my joints was quieted and i truly felt at peace.

I've been taking the two teaspoons daily now and it's quite a noticeable difference. I don't feel "fucked up" or high, i feel somewhat slap-happy at times, and at peace. I've always slept 9-10 hours at night and woken up tired, with the daily use of Kratom i wake after 7-8 hours of sleep... and i feel rested. I can't remember ever waking up feeling rested.

So far I am very thankful for the relief it has brought me. Sure i do think about lasting effects, but i think a lot more about the lasting effects of taking Tramadol daily, which is something I've been able to cut back on.