(No mainpage!) Well, I started. I cleaned out part of the bathroom and did all the necessary taping so that I could start painting and priming. I took a little break to check facebook real quick. And ugghhh. Some of my facebook friends sharing their "Pinterest perfect" lives makes me sick.

Pictures of their perfect house interior, with their perfectly dressed, adorable children, with the hashtag #soblessed. Yuck.

A picture of their child in an adorable outfit, holding a hand-lettered, homemade chalkboard sign, announcing their second pregnancy. Hashtag #lifeisperfect.

A picture of the "perfect" apple pie they just baked, with the caption "slaved all morning on this beautiful, organic ingredients pie for dessert tonight to share with my amazing husband and beautiful children." hashtag #lifeissweet.

UGHHH. Listen, I get it. Its ok to be thankful for what you have. There's nothing wrong with that. But how about some "realness" in there? I'm sure that apple pie was a bitch to make, and you probably got flour all over yourself and the counter while baking it. I'm sure you used a curse word or two because you cut yourself slicing one of the apples. I'm sure that perfect house of yours was a disaster this morning - childrens' toys everywhere, spaghetti sauce from last night still stuck to the plates in the sink, and your husband's dirty socks where he still left them after dinner last night. And of course you cleaned up REALLY good before taking a picture of your perfect world so you could show all of facebook just how "perfect" your life is.

No, my life isn't perfect. I'm aware of that, and I wouldn't change it for the world. But when other people are convinced that they have to somehow prove themselves to be better than everyone else by "perfection" through facebook, it makes me kind of sad.

All I can think is "well la di da, good for you. Way to be a pretentious showoff."

Unless you're Martha Stewart and it's your job to teach other people about "the good things," how about you be real instead? Tell us about the frustrations that went into making that pie. Your hard work that went into it would impress me more than the instagrammed photo of how perfectly it turned out while you inform us all of how "sweet" your life is.

I can't stand everyone's obsession with portraying some picture-perfect lifestyle so they can try to make other people jealous.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go share a picture of my life - the white pawprints on my kitchen floor because my cat got into the paint while I wasn't looking.