Every night between 11pm and 1am, my body goes bananas. I will go to bed comfortably chilly, and like clockwork, somewhere between 11 and 1, my body temperature apparently rises to 5000F. I feel like it's summertime and 120F in my room with no electricity, unable to sleep or even get comfortable because holy hell. And the thermostat is still reading 69 degrees F, so its not a furnace malfunction.
And then I'll eventually cool back down and be able to fall asleep around 2/3am.
The fuck is this shit?
I'm only 31 and that's too young for hot flashes, right? And it happens at the same time, every night. Which also seems odd.
I don't get it.
We have a "cooling" memory foam mattress topper. The rest of the room feels cool. My husband isn't having any issues. And I wake up every morning feeling SO perfectly comfortable that it's hard to get out of bed.
And I wish this weird couple hours of misery every night would fucking stop, because it's not helping my insomnia, and getting this overheated for no good known reason is pissing me right off.
Does anyone else have a similar problem? Is my body just being a huge asshole? I'm hot and uncomfortable and can't sleep. Again. For months now. :-( And I'm quite cranky about it.