I love it so much, and hate it even more when it's over. I'm a 30-year-old woman who still thinks of Christmas as if she was 9 years old.

As much as I hate the negative parts of the Christmas season:

* The consumerism
* Shitty shoppers
* Stressing out at the last minute because you don't know what to get cousin Charlie and then 4 days before Christmas he finally gives you a list, which means your plans to be done early and avoid the evil bastards in the stores has been for naught.
* How the fuck am I going to afford presents this year?
* Etc. etc.

I still love the good things about the season:

* The magic in the air
* The Christmas lights
* The Christmas music everywhere you go
* Christmas movies
* Sitting in the living room, in the dark, with only the tree lights on, Christmas tunes playing, and a mug of hot cocoa.
* Anticipating the family gatherings
* Also anticipating the look on so-and-so's face when you give them that one really kickass gift.
* The seasonal food!
* And so on, and so on...

And every year, I feel as though Christmas Eve and Christmas Day just sneak up on me. And even though the actual Eve and Day aren't over yet, I feel that sadness of it being over already. There are so many more Christmassy things I wanted to do before the season was over! Fuck!

I know, I know. You're supposed to enjoy being with your loved ones to celebrate. Which I do, tremendously. I just always get REALLY sad when it's over. You spend an entire month in preparation and anticipation for something, and then it's all over so quickly. The evening of Christmas Day always leaves me feeling incredibly bummed out and sad. I'm not ready to go back to "normal" yet. Normal is way less fun.

You'd think I was a kid, instead of a grown-ass woman.

Christmas Is A Double-Edged Sword.

Also, the Doctor Who Christmas special didn't help me hold back the tears tonight. >sigh<