From the shared post below:

Warning: io9 article comments may no longer be safe for work. There is a group of trolls posting violent and/or pornographic gifs in our comments (as well as all other Gawker sites). These people seem to be doing this in retaliation against our sister site Jezebel, but you guys are the ones suffering. Sorry about that.

Heaven forbid that the guys are now the ones suffering. It's very: "it's all the ladies fault but now you guys have to live through it too. Damn ladies."

I am grumpy today so maybe it is just me, but I really think that could have been phrased better.

ETA: Based on the glowing support for I09 and its mods, I think we can probably all safely assume this was just a clumsily worded post. We can all go back to being on edge about everyone else hehehe.