... someone who isn't a feminist.

I love my boyfriend. And he has been around for my feminist transformation. I've always been a feminist, but it wasn't a huge priority for me - I didn't follow news, I didn't commonly rage about women's issues, and now I do. So, to be fair, he didn't sign up for this.

But it's fucking tiring to get the rolled eyes, the deep sighs, when he's just had enough of the feminism for now, or doesn't think I should be applying it to THAT thing.

Tonight, a friend of mine was live-blogging/tweeting E3. She made a comment that the first two women to show up in the Metal Gear Solid trailer got brutalized, while the third we got a close up of her ass in a thong. I retweeted it.

Just now, boyfriend comes in here to tell me:

a) He can't stand to see people (obv including me) who know "nothing about the franchise" acting like they can analyze it

b) "There's always some quirky dressed character, it isn't a big deal." Me: "So there have been men in thongs?" Him: "No, not that."

c) "Plenty of men got brutalized in that trailer." Me: "YES. AND PLENTY DID NOT."

d) "Well, what are they supposed to do? Never hurt a woman again? In a violent video game?" (Cue deep sigh from me, and a snarky response to said deep sigh.)

e) "In the context of the game it just doesn't make sense." Me: "BUT SHE WAS COMMENTING ON THE TRAILER. JUST THE TRAILER. It's a short visual clip. We are allowed to notice how women are represented in trailers."

I just, I am so tired of this.

He walked out of the room clearly thinking I'm too sensitive and see women's issues where they are not. I watched him walk out of the room wondering how he can listen and agree with me when I rant about Elliot Rodger and misogyny killing women, but this is just ridiculous.


ETA: Omg. I just went out there and tried to resolve this. And I got "as a white man, sometimes it feels that everybody just has something to complain about. First it's sexism in gaming, then it's black people, when is it going to stop? Are we just going to let everyone complain about everything?" OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY FOR YOUR WHITE MAN FEEFEES.

I don't know if I've ever respected my own damn boyfriend any less.


ETA2: He just came into the bedroom to take a pillow out to the couch. I wanted to clap. How many people do you think have broken up over feminism?