Well, it finally happened.

I got invited to a wedding via FACEBOOK EVENT. Maybe I'm biased because if you want to get my attention on something you'd be just more effective by writing it down, putting it in an envelope and mailing it to the bottom of the sea than inviting me to it on Facebook. And I'm not fan of the Wedding Industrial Complex. But still, aren't these things supposed to be engraved? Or at least tangible?

To be clear, I'm not a wedding traditionalist, and I don't have a problem with electronic invitations as a concept, though I think they should be individually delivered. There's just something absurd about inviting someone you know slightly on the same medium that you use to invite them to play Candy Crush, in almost exactly the same manner and with approximately as much care/attention. I know the bride slightly, though we haven't talked in a long time, and I've met the groom maybe once.

ETA: Several people have very reasonably pointed out that it might just be a heads-up or request for addresses and stuff. I went back and looked very carefully, and the event just has info about the day itself and how to rsvp. And a link to their wedding page on The Knot which I am not clicking on but I assume includes the registry.