BBC News has an article how a bunch of Mormon and Evangelical groups are up in arms over Frozen. According to them, the movie "indoctrinates young women to be lesbians and convinces people that homosexuality and bestiality are acceptable in society."

I'm not going to touch on whether or not Frozen is supposed to be an analogy for coming out of the closet. Kids books and movies have been about being true to yourself for over a century- what is "A Little Princess" about other than a young girl who refuses to conform to the standards of the day? It's not super-obvious, if it is. I never thought of it until I read about these people getting offended. If that's what was intended, though, good for Disney. Maybe try a little harder next time?

However, I really started about what this assumption says about the protesters. A movie about being true to yourself and being strong and independent is an analogy for something their beliefs state is evil. Their beliefs are against being strong, independent, and honest.

Belief systems can absolutely be a force for good. People have taken a stand against racism, against hatred, against intolerance, against genocide, and many other evil things because of their belief systems. Another recent article on BBC News detailed how a Christian priest was sheltering Muslims in his church, because he believed that those persecuting them were wrong.

However, I'm willing to bet that none of those things could ever be symbolized in a cute Disney movie about standing up for yourself. If you find yourself offended by a movie about sisterly love, shouldn't you really question why? Another person quoted in the article has this to say: "It is rebellious. It mocks moral absolutes. It is careless. It is unaccountable. It is anti-obedience. It is regardless. It is selfish."

Again, we're talking about Frozen, where in the climax a young girl sacrifices herself to save her sister. I'll put it right out there- if your religion calls for unquestioning obedience to a law that says being true to yourself and loving your sister is sinful, your religion is wrong, at least in that aspect.