I got really lonely this week. Again. So I reactivated my account. Somehow just having the profile out there makes me feel like I'm trying, even if I'm not. It's cathartic, in a weird way.

Anyways, here's the fun stuff that was going on:

1. The person who I had my first (and only, for that matter) date with is back on OkCupid! I'm loling about that. It was a little awkward, but she had said she wanted to go on another one. She also clearly wanted me to do more than awkwardly wave goodbye to her. There was no way that was going to happen. Then she got involved with one of her friends and moved away before we had a second date. Honestly, that's probably the best way that could have ended. So many memories though, heh.

2. The really weird woman who I talked to is also back on. She had claimed to be an industrial spy who was helping her wallflower friend get dates. She was spying on a pharmaceutical company and said she made more money than any of her potential suitors ever did. I wish I still had our conversations because she was the most hilarious person I've ever chatted with. She might actually have been a spy, too.

3. The last visitor I had is someone I recognize. We had chatted for about six months, but I wasn't her type apparently so we never went out. She had deleted her original account, so apparently she remembered my username and searched for me almost a year after we had last talked; there's no way we were matched since we don't live near each other. And I never even realized she had visited the day I deactivated my account. Thank goodness. I probably would have messaged her. (She kind of sort of killed the last of my self confidence. Apparently I'm fun to talk to, but nothing more.)

Apparently nothing ever changes and we're all just as single as we were this time last year. LOL.