Ugh... that surprise period seemed to disappear yesterday, only to return with a vengeance today.

I was wondering why my computer was so slow and then saw I had only 3gb of hard drive space left and my external is filled as well, so gotta buy yet another external hard drive due to my digital hoarding.

My dog apparently got in a fight today (bf walked him when I was at work) with a neighbor's dog that is notoriously off-leash. I was actually ok with it (both dogs are fine) because now the dog parents (hopefully) learned to stop doing that - they have been letting their dog off leash in my complex for over 6 months - HELLO this is not your personal dog park! It is a condo complex people drive through and live at and you cannot just let your dog run free! These are the kind of shitty people that let their kids run around the grocery store or up and down the aisles at the movie theatre. THE WORLD IS NOT YOUR PERSONAL PLAYGROUND!!! If I ever see their dog off leash again I am dognapping it and giving it to a friend to have a proper home where it is kept on a leash when outside!!

Oh, and the one girl I am friends with at work is in an office war with me over the thermostat - she is apparently a lizard or something because she loves it cold, while I am shivering in a sweater AND coat! It is fucking February, the goddamn A/C should be off! It is her bday next week and I have been thinking about getting her a present, but fuck her, she didn't get me a bday present and she wants me to freeze to death.

So I am in need of a new external hard drive, and of course I turn to my old pal Amazon. And come across this exquisite box of chocolates (don't you judge my browsing history!) that is $75.... and I am feeling super crappy and have available credit on my Amazon CC... and this is really the only time of year I could get them because it's been cold this week and that won't last long and I don't want a box of melted chocolates..... ugh.... if I order in the next 2 hrs I can have them tomorrow.....