I'm having the hardest time finding running clothes, and it shouldn't be so hard. Obviously, sports bras are an issue in themselves (though thanks to all who suggest Panache—so far I'm fine wearing it w/o a second bra on top!). But it's also hard to find anything else. In cooler weather, it's easier—I can run in t-shirts and leggings. But in the summer, those get too hot. I prefer to run in tank tops and shorts, but it's hard to find ones that work. Most regular tank tops don't go well with the racerback sports bras. But most of the running ones are super-fitted and/or have a built in sports bra. Who the hell thought that was a good idea? It doesn't seem like any of them can accommodate anything above a B-cup. And I'm not comfortable wearing anything that clings to my belly.

And then there's the shorts issue. Almost all the shorts are really short (I have two longer pairs from years ago, and I'm thinking I will never find any that length again). Which I don't mind if I can wear tighter bike/compression shorts underneath that are just a little bit longer. BUT, those are also super-short, which means that it's hard to find ones long enough to prevent my thighs from chafing , but high enough that I don't get major muffin-top. I seriously went up and down a sporting goods store, and they only lengths they had were super-short, or capri. And the bike short section had the same lengths, only with padded crotches (which I'm sure is great for biking, but not good for wearing under another pair of shorts for running). Nothing in between. And then there's a bunch of shorts that either have the inner shorts built in, or built in underwear, so that you can't wear them over the few pairs of compression shorts you can find that aren't supershort.

Why? Is there this assumption that anyone working out is already super thin and in shape AND only wants to work out in short, tight, clingy clothes?