I went on an OKStupid date with a Hipster...

And it was actually the most fun ever!

We went to a game store for tabletop day, and ended up playing a superhero card game with a bunch of nerdy dudes who make me rethink my status about The Big Bang Theory being totally ridiculous and unbelievable. One of them had the sweatiest hands I've ever encountered.

Then we hung out and got burgers and witnessed a student film/possibly participated in it, and ended up singing Regular Show songs together. After that we headed back to near my neighborhood and ended up at the opening of an artisan liquor store and got free wine, and afterwards headed back to my place so I could take my dogs for a walk where we found an abandoned piano and were bummed we couldn't take it with us.

He just left after watching some Masterchef and hanging out, and he didn't try to make a move, which was a relief, because I get anxious about things like that. And now we're texting. What the hell is going on!?

ETA: and he actually has a moustache just like in that picture.