...and I really didn't like it.

This weekend I watched episode one and the most recent episode of GoT. I've not read the books and only know general pop culture references apart from this.

For one thing, a show where everybody looks like they're at a Ren Faire just isn't my bag. Or where I have to learn super complicated names, storylines, family connections, etc. Basically I knew I'd hate it but everyone kept telling me it's sooooooo good.

My biggest issue was the violence, though. I just cannot do that much graphic, on-screen bloodiness and amputations and torture. It makes me ill and so uncomfortable. I can do implied violence—I love Law and Order!—but when all of it's on screen I'm out. SVU crossed that line for me this season too with Olivia's ordeal, and it's the reason I just could never deal with Criminal Minds.

Anyone else not a GoT fan?