So tell me your favorite fun places to go in NYC

I have a vacation coming up, but the second half of it will actually be a staycation, with my bff coming up to visit from Georgia for a couple days! We'd like to show her a good time while she's here, but as it's also our vacation, not just do so hanging around the house. I can see NYC from my street but I hardly ever go there. What is there to do???

1. We would like to eat lots of tasty meals. She apparently lives in a restaurant desert.

2. She is preggers and very tired so we don't want to be go-go-going all the time, low key is best.

3. We might try to get into a show, but I have not done that since we moved here and I don't know the secret ways of getting tickets to a show that's in a week and a half since you usually need to get tickets like 6 freaking months ahead of time.

4. Touristy things, meh, not so much. We've pretty much done all the art museums before too.

5. Anyone been to a particular garden/park/arboretum in the city that was nice? Yes, we're going into the city.. but we're Pagan hippy types so natures are a plus.

Your recommendations are much appreciated, GT! :D