I was reading the MP article about a possibly fake list that a young girl made planning what to do if her brother left. My initial thought was that it was fake, but then I started thinking about some of the morally-ambivalent things I did as as kid, and may have changed my mind as to it's potential for being real.

When I was really young, I totally took advantage of my trusting little brother. The neighbour girl and I would have him run all our errands (i.e. getting toys from the house and stealing cookies from someone's pantry), and would then always be able to get rid of him by simply telling him that we heard Mom calling his name. I can remember getting him in trouble for no reason a couple times as well by asking him to (for example) ride his bike into me, and then telling on him.

When I was 6, my two older sisters did something to earn my enmity, so I sold all the crafts they had made and kept through the years, as well as a couple of their favourite toys. I invited all the neighbour kids over and held an auction. One cross-stitched cat for a dollar, a painted box for 50 cents, etc. In total, I made about $10, and somehow no one ever found out. I assume that everyone just assumed they lost all their treasured little things, because no one ever even suspected that the quiet youngest daughter was that devious.

When I was a little older (11-ish), my parents felt they could trust me to stay home alone with my younger brother. Silly them. We would wait till they left the house, then race to turn on the TV to the shows that we were forbidden to watch. I was almost caught a couple times when either parent came back to the house to grab a coat or purse, so I came up with the following: I asked my parents to honk as they drove away. I even came up with a catchphrase that I'd yell out as they left. "Honk if you love me!" They always did, probably thinking how sweet I was. In reality, we'd wait till we heard the car horn before turning on the TV and making ourselves snacks of marshmallows cooked in the microwave.

I'm sure there was more I've forgotten over the years. After thinking of these examples, I can totally imagine another girl dreaming of revenge on a brother. I also can't imagine we were that unique. What type of terror did you come up with as a kid?