I think they should rename this the Lollie Lounge...

...because he is going to own their butts. You should head over and read some of the comments. Only one troll at the moment, with many supportive comments. Which is refreshing.

If you can't get to the article (linked below), here are the opening paragraphs. Bold is mine.

A photo posted to Facebook nearly five years ago is adding fresh fuel to debate over an incident in a St. Paul skyway that left a man tasered and arrested by police.

The image of the seating area was posted Sept. 22, 2009, to the Facebook page of First National Bank Building in St. Paul. It was rediscovered over the weekend by online commenters drawn to the image and its caption. The photo shows a wide hallway with a handful of blue-cushioned chairs and tables to one side. The caption beneath it reads: "Need a quick five? Enjoy a seat on the skyway."

Whether the seating area is public or private is key because a call to police about a man sitting there earlier this year culminated with Chris V. Lollie, 28, being tased and arrested by St. Paul police.

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