I am so fucking sick of men saying "but she didn't say 'stop'," or, "I was drunk too!"

Sometimes, though, I feel like those responses are reasonable. Sometimes we don't fight back because we're scared or too drunk or too confused. Sometimes the guy's been drinking as much as we have. I admit it's complicated.

But then I think about my first date with one of my ex-boyfriends (who is a good friend of mine to this day):

I got super fucking drunk. I was at a dinner party drinking wine before the date and then started on cocktails when I met him. I suggested a threesome with him and his roommate. I wanted sex so badly but I could barely tell one guy from the other. You know what he did?

He carried me to his bed and then slept on the couch.

In the morning he sat on the floor outside his bedroom with the door open only a crack.

He hadn't wanted me to wake up next to a guy I barely knew, but he also didn't want me to wake up and be confused about where I was.

So he sat there on the floor, for over an hour, waiting for me to wake up.

Don't ask why I'm thinking about this tonight, but Jesus. Isn't there a way to teach that kind of respect and class (for lack of a better word) to young men?