In case you missed it, Gawker did a pretty helpful rundown of the Woody Allen abuse allegation situation yesterday.

I wouldn't say his defenders are in the majority, but there are a number of people trying to say that at least his relationship with Soon-Yi is NBD.

My own general opinion is that at this point, Soon-Yi has made her choice as an adult, but I highly, highly doubt that the relationship began that way, and that's troubling.

HOWEVER, my general bewilderment is that people are defending the nude pics of her that Allen allegedly had. His daughter. At 19. There was also some "wellllll the accusations that Dylan made aren't proven..."

This has happened on other articles about similar topics, too. I remember one instance where I accused someone of trafficking child pornography (I can't remember the exact story but something like, a guy had pics of kids in underwear?) and people started arguing the semantics of, "well the kids weren't naked..." or "it wasn't for a sexual purpose" or whatever, claiming it was in no way child porn.

I guess my question is, why the fuck is anyone interested in defending people who are unequivocal scumbags? It's happened enough times and from enough people that I think it's more than just internet trolling to get a reaction.

Are people terrified of someone coming after them for their enormous barely legal porn collection? Worried that their fantasy relationship with a 19 year old at age 50+ will be deemed unacceptable by society if people voice opinions that this isn't okay? Worried that if they have a smokin' hot step daughter one day (EW) it will be unacceptable to bang her?

People defending Woody Allen - wut