Someone asked about why people say Yoko Ono is racist on the MP article about the new Ono video. I pointed out the song "Woman is the N****r of the World." Yes there are more egregious examples of racism in music, yes she and Lennon (also, fuck John Lennon) had an overall point about the oppression of women, no I don't think she needs to be utterly ostracized and removed from society over it, BUT IT'S RACIST.

So far I've got:
A) it's not racist, it's racially insensitive
B) she's a woman making a point about the oppression of women so it's ok
C) she's not white, so it's ok
D) it was a different time, so it's ok
E) she wasn't trying to demean black people, so it's ok
F) pointing these things out drives a wedge between people who should be allies

I get that Ono gets a lot of shit for things that aren't her fault, but come on. This isn't cool. If she's apologized for it, great, I'm glad she's no longer using racism to make her artistic and social points.

I'm not upset that people don't hate Ono (I don't like her, but I don't hate her) I'm upset at the lengths people are going to justify this.