I need some advice about how to accommodate introverts in a group setting.

Here's the deal:- I decided I wanted to expand my writing credentials and join a writing group. Problem is, there isn't one. So I started one on meetup.

Now I have members. It is suddenly REAL.

So, I looked up "starting a writers' group" on the internet and they all have first meeting icebreaker suggestions.

As an introvert, I put up with them because that is how extroverts get the group to know each other but I hate them (activities not extroverts). Also, introverts tend to be a minority (especially in the situations where I need to have the ice broken), so you just go with the flow, right?

Writers tend to be introverts, so maybe the extroverts will be the minority this time.

Does anyone have any suggestions about introvert friendly ice-breaking activities? Maybe just letting everyone get a coffee for the first 10 minutes… It's not a huge membership. Any ideas?