Ok, I see this a lot and it bothers me, people referring to "Boomers" when they don't mean "Boomers" at all. It's just become a catch-all for "dumb-older-parent-type-person". And no, just stahp, stahp!

So for edification, here is what is generally accepted as the most recent "Generations" (+/-3 years)

The Baby Boom - "Boomers" - born between 1943-1960, would be 71-54 years old.

Generation X - (my generation) - born between 1960-1982, would be 54-32 years old.

Generation Y aka: Millennials - born between 1982-2004, would be 32-10yrs old.

Generation what? I want to call these kids "Millennials" but you 20 somethings STOLE that name for yourselves when you already had a perfectly good generational name "Gen Y" - fine, lets call them Generation Z (for Zombie!) 2004-2026, they are all under 10 and all named Jacob, Emma, Tanner & Bella.

My Mom was born in 1940, just a few years shy of being a boomer, as she said "I was married with children and missed out on all the fun of the 60s". But my brothers and I are firmly Gen X. My nephew is firmly Gen Y (fuck you and your rebranding!) he's 22.

For the vast majority of Gen Y students, your parents are gonna be Gen X *NOT* Boomers, so stop insulting them by calling them Boomers! They're not! Yes, some of you will have older parents, the lines get blurred and people have babies later, etc. But mostly its your grandparents that are Boomers, so remember when you say "fucking Boomers, I hope the all die soon" you're talking about your Nana. And I am so gonna tell her you said that when I see her at the bake sale!