Exactly one month ago, I showed up to a monthly work meeting, and accidentally showed the entire office my underwear. Well, today I went back to that meeting (on my period, once gain) and I did not totally embarrass myself. Well, not that I've noticed, at least. Hooray! But here's that amazing thread if you want to read embarrassing stories.

Our last inane poll wasn't so inane; it was actually fairly heated. Luckily most of you see the light, and use one space. It's prettier. Just do it. DO IT.

Also, to the five people who voted that you don't care: You are liars. I can't imagine you found your way to Groupthink without caring about these important things.

I made it through! (and an Inane Poll)

Today's inane poll is a little more, well, actually inane. But its a discussion I've had with several members of the opposite sex and I'm not convinced that they are correct on this, at least as it applies to women. So, help me Groupthink:

If you wear a shirt tucked in to bottoms, and those bottoms have belt loops, are you required to wear a belt?

<a href="">If you wear a shirt tucked into bottoms, and the bottoms have belt loops, are you required to wear a belt?</a>