And IMMEDIATELY burned the roof of my mouth on the first bite and now there are blistery bubbles. I will literally never learn not to do this.

Also I spent a long time writing a post that I am too ascared to post about a controversial subject and will probably never do it.

Also my cat was just trying to eat off my plate and I said "hey!" and he SPAZZED OUT and fell off the table and I feel bad. He is super overweight and doesn't move around too easily these days. I swear he doesn't eat a lot! But I'm worried about his health. I need to get him to the vet and get a regimented diet or something, but my recent demotion is not helping that to happen.

I made a frozen pizza

I am sorry for that gif.

Somehow google was replaced by yahoo for my default browser search and it's THE WORST FIRST WORLD PROBLEM.

I have off tomorrow and I'm going to be good and do things I need to do!! I swear!!

What's up with you, GT?