Everything the light touches...

My Kingdom

So I moved on Saturday and it went pretty well. Hot and sweaty but good. My sister and her boyfriend came up to help and Biggie helped too - I couldn't have done it without them. Biggie took care of the moving truck. I can't drive so I can't rent, but he didn't ask forcash and I didn't offer. Fine by me!

So now I'm setting up the place, unpacking. Well, actually, I'm sitting on my balcony sweating my balls off having a late comfort food lunch.

As you can see, Catherine has settled in just fine. She's as rascally as ever. You know how dogs are about squirrels? She's like that about birds. I don't like that she's up on that ledge but a) balance ain't no thang for a cat, b) the pigeon netting could probably stop a missile and c) I'm on the second floor, so she would survive the fall no problem. I'm not interested in micro managing her. She'll a wild girl.

I leave for Calgary Friday night. Biggie is going to drive me to the airport. I have so much to do before then and now, it's crazy. I needs to unpack the shit on my balcony (where I'm storing the I'll-get-to-it-eventually stuff), I need a haircut and I need to pack. I also have a meeting for a new initiative the group I volunteer with is setting up. But a busy LJ is a happy LJ.