Valentines Day

Hey y'all....what is this whole Valentines Day thing about? As in...if you're in a relationship, what does one do?

I've never been in a real long term relationship before really, and I've never been dating someone before on Valentines day. I'm 27, so yeah, pretty pathetic.

Last year I spent Valentines Day all cripply and ouchy and at a Orthopedic Surgeonsoffiice in Philadelphia, clutching shitty x-rays and hoping to god this guy would tell me what the hell was wrong with my spine. Ahh, good times.

Today my new bf said he's not into the whole valentines day thing (we were on the phone). I told him that was lame, and I was going to get him something anyway. He laughed like I was being really silly and asked what I was gonna get him. I told him I was gonna take him to the movies and buy him a whole lot of skittles. He paused and was like..well, I do love movies and skittles. I was like, I fucking know, so you best be getting me some fancy chocolates.

It was cute and all. But I'm not gonna lie, I am kinda disappointed. Having never had anything done on Valentines day before, and considering that I am with someone this year, I guess I thought...I dunno. It would be a fun day maybe. Not just him saying it's a lame hallmark holiday.

I'm gonna be a downer really quick, and just add that this holiday has really bad connotations in my family. Valentines day is the day that my Grandpa died a few years ago. He helped raise me. My grandma was still alive, but with dementia in their shared nursing home room, and she was with him when he passed. Their parting after 55 years is still literally the saddest story I know. Same day that year is the day I was supposed to hang with a boy I had an epic crush on for Valentines Day but then I had the sadz over my grandpa and I ditched him. My crush died a month later. My moms favorite dog was killed on Valentines day too, so she just can't get enough of how much she hates the holiday.

But I steadfastly am determined to like the holiday. I love the idea of all holidays. I love the idea of a holiday dedicated to love. I don't see necessarily why it has to be just for couples, I think it can be cute and fun for all, but it would be nice if you are in a couple to have something done.

I go mope now.

Tell me your plans. Your thoughts. Your disappointments. Your merriments.

Here's a Noel Valentine:

Valentines Day