I love to shop. I love clothes, accessories. I love good make up and fancy face creams. I love a nice bag and wallet. But I hate getting compliments on those things. Why?

I can't put my finger on it, but getting compliments on things I own make me really uncomfortable. Or even discussing those items, absent a compliment. Especially with certain people.

For example, I have worked at this job for about 8 months. I have a lot of clothes. So I'm still wearing stuff that they've never seen before, even though it isn't new. The dress I have on today is about 4 years old. It's a nice enough dress, pretty pattern, but I just don't wear it much. So everyone is all "Oh new dress, huh!" and I feel the need to correct them. Another woman says "You own SO MANY clothes" and my assistant tells me about how she couldn't afford this dress (note: it wasn't expensive for one and two, I certainly didn't tell her what it cost). The comments make me feel bad, like I've done something wrong by spending my money on stuff I like. I guess they are supposed to be complimentary, in a way, but I just find it awkward.

Or when people notice the garmin thing (which is admittedly big and noticeable) so I have to give them a rundown of what it does and why I have it. This is followed with: "are you trying to lose weight?" type of questions. It is just so weird.

Or when someone compliments my shoes in an elevator and I say "thanks!" but then they stare at me like I'm supposed to say something else... And you always have to tell someone whether they are comfortable or not. Or you are met with a "I could never wear heels that high because ________." Just some other awkward conversation.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, I hate how the fact that you wear something on your person means you have to talk to people about it. It makes me feel vulnerable, or something. It makes me feel like I can easily get sucked into a conversation I don't want to be in, about my shopping or exercise habits, for example, just because I happen to be wearing a dress you've never seen before. Maybe it is just that the women I work with are particularly awkward about these things.

I don't know that there's a solution to this (no more compliments? that would be terrible!) but I just feel like every conversation I have about these things leaves me feeling weird and defensive.

Does any of this make sense? Does anyone else have the same problem? What is it rooted in?