Here's an idea...

I'm one of those women who needs the Pill to treat unpredictable and severe endometrial symptoms, and while the SCOTUS men's ruling doesn't affect me (I have no health insurance and pay for the Pill out of pocket), it makes me sick to my prone-to-extreme-pain stomach for the women in my situation who can't afford BC. Or for the women who use contraception to prevent pregnancies. For any reason. I couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I read that now the ruling has been extended to include all types of contraception. I just . . . what the fuck, men of SCOTUS? What the actual fuck? You know what? In a perfect world, all your daughters work at Hobby Lobby, have endometriosis, can't afford the pill on their own, and black out suddenly behind the wheel of a moving car. Like I did that one time. YEAH.

No, actually. In a PERFECT world, you all wake up tomorrow female. With endometriosis. In Texas. Two weeks pregnant and late for your shift at Hobby Lobby.

Okay . . . anyway. Let's move on this, ladies. Let's talk to some pharmaceutical companies. If we can't guarantee a woman's right to maintain her own fucking healthcare unencumbered by extra burden and Jesustards, then let's do some serious rebranding. Starting with my friend, the Pill. It has a myriad of uses, right? Treating serious menstrual problems and irregularities, hormone imbalance, endometriosis symptoms. Why aren't there products out there with the exact same chemical makeup being promoted as specifically for endometriosis or period problems? Why not slap a new name on BC pills (EndoClear! MensoPlus!) and include the important stuff in the big print (SIDE AFFECT: DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE TRYING TO GET PREGNANT) so that any woman who worked for these assholes could, potentially speaking, skip over to the doctor, claim she has severe menstrual pain or irregular bleeding, and get her goddamn medication through her health insurance compensation package? Like a normal human being with full rights or something.

And her doctor would just have to be like, "I'm required to inform you that during proper use of this drug, you will not be able to get pregnant," to which the lady would be like "I AM OKAY WITH THAT."

Woman needing BC to prevent severe endo symptoms? No hoops to jump through, no special fucking notes to turn in to your boss. Woman needing BC to prevent pregnancy? No one putting their fact-defying beliefs in the way of maintaining your non-pregnant health.

Ta-da! We still gotta figure out a way to re-brand IUDs and Plan B, tho...
IUD! It keeps sinful feelings out of your vagina!
Plan C! The C is for Christ!