I will just say i rarely ask him about news or anything because he stays incredibly ignorant and tends to stick to just geeky/nerdy news. But I made the mistake of asking about Ferguson. :|

He was like "where that kid stole cigars and there has been looting?" I lost it I straight up was yelling at him about how dense he was and if he keeps talking about looting like it's the only thing that happened there I was going to keep calling him a racist. -_-

SO I don't watch regular news but apparently not just fox is talking about stolen cigars and looting. I think he understand me afterwards but he totally does the "well you took it there" to emotional responses. But I kind of just shouted him down. But now I need to calm down. Like seriously my heart is pounding and I feel tightness. Anyone else feeling physically hurt and wound have some tips to calm down?

I am just not doing okay with my anger over this whole thing. I've been wound up for days and have no clue how to come back down, there is just so much bullshit.